A fixed cost project is based on a fixed budget and timeline in accordance with a client’s  business priorities and project specifications. A detailed proposal which defines the project deliverables, methodology, commencement date, completion date and cost estimate is submitted and accepted by the client prior to commencement of the project.  Generally 50% of the service fee is invoiced at signing of an agreement to proceed and the remainder invoiced upon successful completion of the project, however this is negotiable depending on the complexity and length of the project.


    An agreement based project is one where Acuto delivers ongoing strategic consultancy, mentoring or advisory services such as strategic business planning or workforce development planning under an agreed fixed monthly price for a specified period. As in the fixed price project a proposal is submitted and agreed however you are invoiced on a monthly basis according to the engagement contract.


    Generally reserved for short term or small projects with strict deadlines, Acuto charges an hourly rate which is commensurate with industry standards for the vocational training and recruitment sectors. To ensure clients have clarity around the approximate costs of a project, a proposal is prepared against the specifications identifying the expected billable hours against the duration of the project. Any variation from the agreed hours would be subject to prior written agreement between Acuto and the client. For short term projects, fees are usually invoiced upon completion of the project.


    A partnership model is geared towards government and business considering business process outsourcing – particularly in the area of VET administration, consortia arrangements or entrepreneurs/start-ups who may have limited capital, expertise or resources to deliver on their business plans. Acuto  assesses the opportunity presented and if deemed viable will commit to delivering the business planning, tender services and business support for free or on a cost recovery basis in exchange for an equity position in the venture.


    Depending on the complexity of specifications and the level of business modelling required in preparing the tender, Acuto offers a discounted fixed price or hourly rate fee for the preparations, documentation, proofreading and lodgement of government tenders on behalf of clients.  In return for the discounted fee, Acuto will negotiate a success fee with the client which would be payable only upon the awarding of a contract.