Workforce sustainability – Skills for 2020 and beyond

Friday 22 - Feb, 2013

In 2011 the U.S. Apollo Research Institute for the Future released an exceptional paper called Future Work Skills 2020. It describes the following six drivers for change in a globally connected world.

“Six Drivers of Change:

  1. Extreme longevity - increasing global life-spans will change the nature of careers and learning;
  2. The rise of smart machines and systems – workplace automation is nudging human workers out of rote, repetitive tasks;
  3. Computational world – massive increases in sensory electronics and processing power make the world a programmable system;
  4. New media technology – new communication tools require new media literacies beyond text;
  5. Super-structured organisations – social technologies drive new forms of production and value creation;
  6. Globally connected world – increased global interconnectivity puts diversity and adaptability at the centre of organisational operations.”

The Institute for the Future has identified 10 emerging skills which need to be addressed holistically to meet the above drivers for change are essential for sustainable organisations  Over the next weeks I will explore the key messages from the Institute for the Future and how employers, government stakeholders and VET professionals will need to focus their workforce sustainability strategies in an increasingly cost-cutting environment. 

Garry Thomas MD Acuto Consulting